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“The Mental Framework” For Your Preparation Of A Mindset Shift


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Testaments from Survivors Women Healed & Whole Volume III




Angelina Squire's Anthology Feature​ *PDF Version Only

The Mental Hell Cell Breaker

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Spiritual Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Angelina Squire

Angelina Squire is a Health and Wellness Mindset Coach/Author/Life Speaker from Miami Florida. Angelina’s work is not only on products and services. Her focus is, The Mental Framework that makes a Mental and Physical Transformation possible.

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We envision a world of healthy women, young girls and teens, who’s ability increases from dis-empowering beliefs and choices to strategic life choices, opening the doors of their God given purpose that their lives, and others can benefit from.

This will be accomplished through spiritual enlightenment, books, education, webinars, zooms, conference speaking, empowering seminars, hosting events and hands on workshops.

3 Steps of Self Belief :

1.   Change is Now

2.  I Create Change Now

3.  I can Commit to Change Now

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  • Identify your Success Blockers. Write down those toxic, limiting thoughts, beliefs that are hindering your success and overall, Health and Wellness. What negative consequences, have you already experienced as a result of your beliefs?

  • Make the Mental Flip! You no longer need to suffer. Replace your limiting thoughts with Life Enriching Belief

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Our actions, behaviors,  attitudes, and the words we speak, will resemble what we allow others to dump into our minds. This also includes the garbage you personally dump into your mind. To gain a healthy mindset, you must understand that any form of compromise has to become eliminated from your course of action, to develop new habits and the mindset that places you in view of your life’s desires.
1. Identify your areas on negativity
2. You are either committed to change or committed to excuses

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