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To empower, uplift, and equip women, young girls and teens, with strategic life tools, Awakening them within, to tap into their Divine Potential and lead productive lives, ultimately building self-esteem, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Experience Coaching


The very Heartbeat of QUEENS AWAKENING LLC Is: "Inner Mastery."

QUEENS AWAKENING LLC Is not a group, but we are a Movement!

We help Women through A Healthy Psychological space, to promote growth and overall wellness and wholeness. With the right blueprint and strategies, your mind can become, A Great storage place of Wisdom and Knowledge. Angelina Squire created QUEENS AWAKENING LLC in 2016. While building this Queendom, she became severely ill and as a result of her failing health, she was forced to put the building of QUEEN AWAKENING LLC on hold. Angelina did not see this as a setback. She took this as an opportunity to regain her Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual wholeness and purpose to help Women regain control of their CROWNS (mindset).


Angelina mastered how to lead herself through various health issues, depression, challenges with her son living with Autism and suicidal thoughts. She defeated the mindset of an emotional eater and coached herself to lose 64 pounds. 

Learning how to Power through life’s challenges, Angelina used her challenges and life experiences to become a Health and Wellness Life Changer, that has positioned her to Coach other Women, on how to Power through their challenges, and gain a new Healthier Mental and Physical Transformation. Our focus is the complete wholeness of a QUEEN, Rising up within, no longer allowing the dirt of life’s heartaches and pain to cancel out the shine in her Crown as she now ROARS from a stance of Royalty, Boldness, Fearlessness, and Authenticity that now impacts and serves her community and the world!

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Let the Voice of God Become Louder Than Your Voice of Struggle

In this book you will find that although we experience various oppositions in life, there will be opportunities where God enlightens us by showing us in our Trials that, we can discover what our life purpose is. When we begin to focus on the voice of God we will drown out the sound, (voice) of the loud distractions our struggles causes. The peaceable voice of God guides us to a fulfilling life. We have two choices in life. We can choose to allow our hardships to crush us or we can choose to crush our hardships.

Integrity: By living our mission and vision, we honor our commitments to those we serve.
Respect: We approach our work with humility
Compassion: We care for the whole person, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually
Impact: We speak value into women, young girls and teens who they, innately are, developing practical solutions Helping them redefine their challenges and grow physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally and Intellectually and move forward in life.


Angelina's transformation to best version of herself

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